Upgrade from SHOUTcast 1 to SHOUTcast 2

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How to upgrade from SHOUTcast 1 to SHOUTcast 2

Select the radio that you wish to upgrade.

Go to Settings > Server.

Under Configuration in Server Type select SHOUTcast 2 and choose Save and restart.

Your radio should now restart on SHOUTcast 2. To verify, you can go back to your radio Dashboard and click on Open Status Page. You should now see the server summary page of SHOUTcast 2.

Make sure that your encoder is reconnecting. Depending on the broadcasting software that you use, you might have to adjust the configuration in your broadcasting software encoder settings.

How to get listed on theĀ SHOUTcast directory .

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Hugues Morneau
Upgrade from SHOUTcast 1 to SHOUTcast 2

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